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INTRODUCTION Dentists and hygienists are strongly affected by musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). As workstation concepts are supported by subjective arguments only, the aim of this study was to use objective measurements to compare the variability of strain in various concepts: a dental chair equipped with a cart or an over-the-patient delivery system(More)
We examined the effects of chronic, subchronic and acute treatment with haloperidol on the ME, the MERGL and enkephalin precursor concentrations in rat brain. The changes affected primarily the striatum. The ME content was greatly increased by the treatment, the precursor level was decreased by the haloperidol treatment. The specific mRNA for proenkephalin(More)
Opioid binding sites have been characterized pharmacologically in membranes from different areas of the rat brain. Delta, mu and sites belonging to the kappa family (K1, K2, K3) have been detected. Delta sites were more abundant in cortex and striatum, mu sites in striatum and hypothalamus, while kappa binding site concentration was higher in deeper(More)
We review Quillen’s concept of a model category as the proper setting for defining derived functors in non-abelian settings, explain how one can transport a model structure from one category to another by mean of adjoint functors (under suitable assumptions), and define such structures for categories of cosimplicial coalgebras.
We define a sequence of purely algebraic invariants – namely, classes in the Quillen cohomology of the Π-algebra π∗X – for distinguishing between different homotopy types of spaces. Another sequence of such cohomology classes allows one to decide whether a given abstract Π-algebra can be realized as the homotopy Π-algebra of a space.