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The Echinococcus granulosus Antigen B Gene Family Comprises at Least 10 Unique Genes in Five Subclasses Which Are Differentially Expressed
Background Antigen B (EgAgB) is a major protein produced by the metacestode cyst of Echinococcus granulosus, the causative agent of cystic hydatid disease. This protein has been shown to play anExpand
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Gravitational wave astronomy: the current status
In the centenary year of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, this paper reviews the current status of gravitational wave astronomy across a spectrum which stretches from attohertz to kilohertzExpand
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The next detectors for gravitational wave astronomy
This paper focuses on the next detectors for gravitational wave astronomy which will be required after the current ground based detectors have completed their initial observations, and probablyExpand
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AIGO: a southern hemisphere detector for the worldwide array of ground-based interferometric gravitational wave detectors
This paper describes the proposed AIGO detector for the worldwide array of interferometric gravitational wave detectors. The first part of the paper summarizes the benefits that AIGO provides to theExpand
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Performance Statistics of the UWA Niobium Antenna
Acoustic detection of high-energy electrons in a superconducting niobium resonant bar
We have performed an experiment based on a suspended cylindrical bar, hit by an electron beam, for investigating the results on cosmic rays detected by the gravitational wave antenna Nautilus. TheExpand
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The Land and People of Bolivia
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Title Polymorphic microsatellites in the human bloodfluke , Schistosoma japonicum , identified using a genomic resource Permalink
Re-emergence of schistosomiasis in regions of China where control programs have ceased requires development of molecular-genetic tools to track gene flow and assess genetic diversity of SchistosomaExpand