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Livestock supply must challenge the growth of final demand in the developing countries. This challenge has to take into account its ecological effects since the dairy and livestock sectors are clearly pointed out as human activities which contribute significantly to environmental deterioration. Therefore, livestock activity models have to include desirable(More)
This study focused on the trade-off between milk production and its environmental impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and nitrogen surplus in a high input tropical system. We first identified the objectives of the three main stakeholders in the dairy sector (farmers, a milk cooperative and environmentalists). The main aim of the farmers and(More)
The growing awareness on the multiple environmental impacts of livestock production has risen the necessity to widen the definition of efficiency to a multidimensional eco-efficiency concept. Our paper suggests a combined approach of a whole-farm agronomic model and frontier efficiency method to explore deeply the determinants of eco-efficiency. The(More)
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