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Improving the husbandry in the southern three-banded armadillo (Tolypeutes matacus) through gaining knowledge of its stress physiology is imperative to maintaining a healthy, zoo-housed population. Our objectives were to: 1) validate the use of fecal hormone analysis for monitoring adrenocortical activity using both an adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)(More)
Addition of AlMe3 to commercial THF solutions of RZnX (R = aryl, functionalised aryl, vinyl; X = Br, I) simultaneously promotes Schlenk equilibria (leading to competent nucleophiles) and the formation of an Al-Zn-ligand catalyst delivering 80-90% ee for Ar(1)CH(OH)Ar(2) formation from aldehydes.
Space-time codes are usually generated using a generator matrix with 2 columns and mod 4 operations for QPSK modulation with two transmit antennas. A Z<sub>4</sub> convolutional code has also been used to represent these space-time codes. Another way of representing them is to use a conventional binary convolutional code of rate 2/4. The space-time code(More)
An improved procedure for the preparation of enamine N-oxides involving aminolysis of epoxides, chlorination, N-oxidation, and dehydrochlorination is described. Although isolated beta-chloroamine N-oxides are prone to rearrangements when isolated, these side reactions can be slowed by the presence of stabilizing organic acids. The scope and limitations of(More)
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