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The reproducibility of area/length ejection fraction determinations was evaluated in 21 subjects using 99mTc-labeled red blood cells (99mTc-RBCs). The ejection fraction was determined within 30 minutes and 3-5 hours after a single injection of 99mTc-RBCs. The mean absolute difference between the initial and subsequent ejection fractions was 7% (maximum,(More)
Improving the husbandry in the southern three-banded armadillo (Tolypeutes matacus) through gaining knowledge of its stress physiology is imperative to maintaining a healthy, zoo-housed population. Our objectives were to: 1) validate the use of fecal hormone analysis for monitoring adrenocortical activity using both an adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)(More)
An improved procedure for the preparation of enamine N-oxides involving aminolysis of epoxides, chlorination, N-oxidation, and dehydrochlorination is described. Although isolated beta-chloroamine N-oxides are prone to rearrangements when isolated, these side reactions can be slowed by the presence of stabilizing organic acids. The scope and limitations of(More)
Addition of AlMe3 to commercial THF solutions of RZnX (R = aryl, functionalised aryl, vinyl; X = Br, I) simultaneously promotes Schlenk equilibria (leading to competent nucleophiles) and the formation of an Al-Zn-ligand catalyst delivering 80-90% ee for Ar(1)CH(OH)Ar(2) formation from aldehydes.
Space-time codes are usually generated using a generator matrix with 2 columns and mod 4 operations for QPSK modulation with two transmit antennas. A Z<sub>4</sub> convolutional code has also been used to represent these space-time codes. Another way of representing them is to use a conventional binary convolutional code of rate 2/4. The space-time code(More)
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