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In this paper, we present an exact analytical solution for the inverse scattering problem formulated by using the coupled-mode theory in the microwave range, assuming single-mode operation. The solution is a series that gives the required coupling coefficient for the microwave device as a function of the target frequency response. A clear physical meaning(More)
In this paper, a method to design high-power low-pass harmonic filters in rectangular waveguide technology is proposed. The new filters consist of a collection of smooth E-plane bandstop elements along the propagation direction and a smooth variation of the filter width. This yields to a broad rejected band for the fundamental TE<sub>10</sub> mode, together(More)
In this paper, we propose and demonstrate a new technique for the design of arbitrary-order differentiators, intended for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications in microwave coupled-line technology. The technique employs an exact analytical series solution for the synthesis problem derived by the authors from the coupled-mode theory. This solution allows for the(More)
—Use of e-learning and blended-learning strategies in European universities seems to be currently fuelled by political, social, or economic reasons. However, very often these reasons are not enough to completely captivate teachers and students. This paper tells the role the Centre for Innovation in Higher Education of the Public University of Navarre(More)
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