David Beltrán

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The present study aimed to identify the brain processes-and their time course-underlying the typical behavioral recognition advantage of happy facial expressions. To this end, we recorded EEG activity during an expression categorization task for happy, angry, fearful, sad, and neutral faces, and the correlation between event-related-potential (ERP) patterns(More)
This study investigated the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying the role of the eye and the mouth regions in the recognition of facial happiness, anger, and surprise. To this end, face stimuli were shown in three formats (whole face, upper half visible, and lower half visible) and behavioral categorization, computational modeling, and ERP (event-related(More)
The use of ozonated water as a sanitizer to extend the shelf life of fresh-cut lettuce and the effect on the antioxidant constituents (polyphenols and vitamin C) were investigated. Fresh-cut iceberg lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) was washed at 4 degrees C using three different ozonated water dips [10, 20, and 10 activated by ultraviolet C (UV-C) light mg L(-1)(More)
Ellagic acid (EA) is converted to urolithins by gut microbiota. Urolithins have beneficial biological effects in humans, but differences in urolithin production capacity among individuals have been shown. Therefore, the identification of the urolithin production pathways and the microorganisms implicated is of high interest. EA was incubated with gut(More)
People reject ‘paradoxical’ inferences, such as: Luisa didn’t play music; therefore, if Luisa played soccer, then she didn’t play music. For some theorists, they are invalid for everyday conditionals, but valid in logic. The theory of mental models implies that they are valid, but unacceptable because the conclusion refers to a possibility inconsistent with(More)
There is no pharmaceutical or definitive surgical cure for inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs). The naturally occurring polyphenol resveratrol exerts anti-inflammatory properties. However, its rapid metabolism diminishes its effectiveness in the colon. The design of prodrugs to targeting active molecules to the colon provides an opportunity for therapy of(More)
Postharvest treatment of seedless white table grapes (var. 'Superior') with different gas ozone concentrations (3.88 and 1.67 g/h) for 1, 3, and 5 h induced an increase in stilbenoid biosynthesis [trans-resveratrol, piceatannol, and viniferinas (resveratrol dehydrodimers and dehydrotrimers)] during storage at 22 degrees C and 95% relative humidity. The(More)
Several outbreaks of shigellosis have been attributed to the consumption of contaminated fresh-cut vegetables. The minimal processing of these products make it difficult to ensure that fresh produce is safe for consumer. Chlorine-based agents have been often used to sanitize produce and reduce microbial populations in water applied during processing(More)
Event-related brain potentials (ERPs) were recorded to assess the processing time course of ambiguous facial expressions with a smiling mouth but neutral, fearful, or angry eyes, in comparison with genuinely happy faces (a smile and happy eyes) and non-happy faces (neutral, fearful, or angry mouth and eyes). Participants judged whether the faces looked(More)