David Bellin

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The emerging technology of object oriented programming is just beginning to be introduced into the computer science curriculum. In most schools, it will be introduced first at the more advanced levels, prior to inclusion in introductory courses, even though the object oriented paradigm may be more suitable for teaching basic computer science concepts. This(More)
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) techniques appear to be at the forefront of software engineering technologies. Nevertheless, as with the introduction of any relatively new technique, there is a tendency for people to attempt to maximize efficiency without always having a corresponding factual basis for their actions. This paper discusses(More)
Thus far this article cannot be understood by more than one person in the world (me!). Does that mean that I should be prohibited from writing what seems nonsensical to you? Or that the publisher should be prevented from distributing my article? Let me point out that my algorithm to develop those fine words is unique. It is at least as hard to decrypt as(More)
Teaching about technology and social impacts can be categorized along several lines. At the last meeting of NSF Project ImpactCS, a group which has been discussing the curriculum for related topics in computer science, I found the following to be the most fruitful for those of us who must actually engage students in this material: 1) Ethical Values vs.(More)
Over the last year, there has been a national furor over the activities of young people in penetrating various important computer systems . Penetrated systems include the Los Alamos Research Labs, Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, and several large commercial installations . Congressional hearings were held on the subject, with much emotion spent discussing(More)
In this collection of reprinted essays the editors seek to introduce and popularize some controversial social implications of computer technologies. They bring into one book the major writings on the points addressed and include extensive references and bibliographies for fimher reading. While not light reading, the spirit of the book is reflected in the(More)
more queue: www.acmqueue.com PRO LINQ OBJECT RELATIONAL MAPPING IN C# 2008 Vijay Mehta, Apress, 2008, $49.99, ISBN: 9781590599655 Visual Studio and the .NET technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. Relational databases are a critical component of nearly every major software application, making it necessary to map from the object model of the application(More)