David Bellin

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meridian roeder silver update three fiver nine 3F A0 FF 48 eeeoooowwwww screech woowwoo powwww Thus far this article cannot be understood by more than one person in the world (me!). Does that mean that I should be prohibited from writing what seems nonsensical to you? Or that the publisher should be prevented from distributing my article? Let me point out(More)
Teaching about technology and social impacts can be categorized along several lines. At the last meeting of NSF Project ImpactCS, a group which has been discussing the curriculum for related topics in computer science, I found the following to be the most fruitful for those of us who must actually engage students in this material: 1) Ethical Values vs.(More)
A number of researchers have conducted various empirical studies on the software metrics for Object Oriented design. The research proved that some of these metrices are very useful for forcasting the quality attributes of the software like extendibility/extensibility, effectiveness, reliability and maintainability. In this paper a hybrid approach is(More)
Visual Studio and the .NET technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. Relational databases are a critical component of nearly every major software application, making it necessary to map from the object model of the application to the data model of the database. The impedance mismatch between the object model and the data model cannot reasonably be handled(More)
The 1992 CSC Annual Debate produced a lively discussion focused on a resolution calling upon the ACM to support efforts in state legislatures to regulate and license computer professionals. This followed proposals in several states for just such licensing. Meanwhile, the IEEE computer society committee on public policy has drafted a position statement(More)