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The effects of circuit weight training on mood, perceived stress, job satisfaction, and physical symptoms were investigated in a sample of state law enforcement officers. Forty-three male officers who were not regularly exercising were assigned to either 4 months of circuit weight training or a wait-list control condition. Four months of circuit weight(More)
This article reviews published research on the use of EMG-activated feedback paradigms to modify nocturnal bruxism. The first three sections review naturalistic trials, laboratory studies, and comparisons of feedback paradigms with alternative treatment/management approaches. The fourth section overviews several sources of theoretical guidance for further(More)
This study describes the use of the changing criterion design for decreasing smoking rate. Evidence is provided which demonstrates that boundaries exist within which a well-established, high frequency baseline smoking rate (82 cigarettes per day) can be successfully modified and maintained at the rate of 5 cigarettes per day over a 20-month follow-up(More)
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