David Bednárek

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One of the areas of data integration covers systems that maintain coherence among a heterogeneous set of databases. Such a system repeatedly collects data from the local databases, synchronizes them, and pushes the updates back. One of the key problems in this architecture is the conflict resolution. When data in a less relevant data source changes, it(More)
At present time, the programmers may choose from a number of streaming languages. They cover various aspects of the development process of streaming applications; however, specification of complex or runtime-dependent parts of the applications still remains a great challenge. We have analysed a large amount of requirements raised by the development of(More)
Many software systems publish their interface using event-driven programming, where the application programmers create routines, called as responses to the events. One of such systems is the Bobox parallel framework , where the elements of a parallel pipeline react to events signalizing the arrival of input data. However, many algorithms are more(More)
The ability to convert between different data formats is important in large and heterogeneous information systems. Although XML was established as an universal standard for data exchange, XML-related languages like XQuery lack the ability to access data in other formats; in particular, relational data and RDF. In this paper, we describe TriQuery - an(More)