David Becroft

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A nationwide case-control study was conducted in New Zealand, to test hypotheses about the role of infections in the aetiology of childhood leukaemia. Children aged 0-14 years with leukaemia were matched on age and sex to controls selected from birth records. Case ascertainment was virtually complete and 121 (92%) of 131 eligible case families took part.(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was undertaken to investigate the incidence and associations of placental villitis of unknown origin or etiology (VUE). STUDY DESIGN Five hundred nine placentas from women delivered of small-for-gestational-age infants (SGAP) and 529 placentas from women delivering infants with birth weights appropriate for gestational age (AGAP)(More)
OBJECTIVE This case-control study determined whether internationally recognized risk factors for small-for-gestational-age (SGA) term babies were applicable in New Zealand. METHODOLOGY All babies were born at 37 or more completed weeks of gestation in one of three hospitals in Auckland. Cases weighed less than the sex specific 10th percentile for(More)
New Zealand's high mortality rate from the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) prompted the development of the New Zealand cot death study. This report of the preliminary analysis of the first year of the data gives the major identified risk factors. One hundred and sixty-two infants who died from SIDS were compared with 589 control infants, who were a(More)
New Zealand's high mortality rate from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) prompted the development of the New Zealand Cot Death Study. A report of the analysis of the data from the first year has been published. This report now gives the major identified risk factors from the full 3 year data set. In this case-control study there were 485 infants who died(More)
We have examined the imprinting of the insulin-like growth factor II gene (IGF2) in ten normal kidney samples from children with renal embryonal neoplasms. In kidney samples from nine children with normal growth profiles, IGF2 mRNA was transcribed monoallelically, consistent with normal imprinting of the gene. But in one child who had generalized somatic(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify risk factors associated with obesity in primary school children, with a particular focus on those which can be modified. To identify critical periods and growth patterns in the development of childhood obesity. METHODS 871 New Zealand European children were enrolled in a longitudinal study at birth and data were collected at birth,(More)
BACKGROUND Despite some research suggesting maternal stress may be associated with cognitive impairment in preschool children, there has been little direct investigation of the association between maternal stress, social support and children's intelligence. AIM To determine whether maternal stress and social support during pregnancy and during the child's(More)
AIMS To assess the effect of maternal diet during pregnancy on the risk of delivering a baby who is small for gestational age (SGA). METHODS Case-control study of 844 cases (SGA) and 870 controls (appropriate size for gestational age (AGA)). Only term (37+ completed weeks of gestation) infants were included. Retrospective food frequency questionnaires(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the factors which might explain the higher mortality from sudden infant death syndrome in Maori infants (7.4/1000 live births in 1986 compared with 3.6 in non-Maori children). DESIGN A large nationwide case control study. SETTING New Zealand. 485 infants who died of sudden infant death syndrome were compared with 1800 control(More)