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The purpose of the present study was to evaluate neuropsychological performance and regional cerebral blood flow in migraine patients, and to investigate whether possible abnormalities in any of these fields could be related to the chronicity of the disease. The sample included 60 patients and 30 healthy control subjects; all of them were subjected to a(More)
Citizen science games such as Galaxy Zoo, Foldit, and Phylo aim to harness the intelligence and processing power generated by crowds of online gamers to solve scientific problems. However, the selection of the data to be analyzed through these games is under the exclusive control of the game designers, and so are the results produced by gamers. Here, we(More)
Treatments which inhibit or retard progression of the cell through the cell cycle have been reported to reduce the effectiveness of ionizing radiation by increasing cellular radioresistance. We studied cellular radiosensitivity and radiation-induced DNA damage (double-strand break, dsb) in both hormone-sensitive and non-sensitive human breast cancer cell(More)
BACKGROUND This study describes a bioinformatics approach designed to identify Plasmodium vivax proteins potentially involved in reticulocyte invasion. Specifically, different protein training sets were built and tuned based on different biological parameters, such as experimental evidence of secretion and/or involvement in invasion-related processes. A(More)
The problem of finding the Constrained Longest Common Subsequence (CLCS) for three sequences is a problem with many applications. In this paper a novel algorithm to compute the CLCS is proposed. The most important features of the proposed algorithm are: i) This algorithm is able to find a set of possible CLCS solutions instead of simply returning the length(More)