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A second occurrence (SO) focus is the semantic focus of a focus sensitive operator (e.g. only), but is a repeat of an earlier focused occurrence. SO foci are intonationally distinct from the original occurrence of the material, and are often claimed to lack any intonational marking, e.g. pitch accent (Partee 1999). This apparent dissociation of semantic and(More)
This paper describes a recently completed common resource for the study of spoken discourse, the NXT-format Switchboard Corpus. Switchboard is a long-standing corpus of telephone conversations (Godfrey et al., 1992). We have brought together transcriptions with existing annotations for syntax, disfluency, speech acts, animacy, information status,(More)
This paper concerns the relevance of notions of sentence topic and discourse topic to the analysis of sentences containing presuppositions. Firstly I consider sentences where quantificational determiners quantify-in to presuppositions. By considering texts containing such sentences, I show that intermediate accommodation cannot be triggered by(More)
Projective contents, which include presuppositional inferences and Potts's (2005) conventional implicatures, are contents that may project when a construction is embedded, as standardly identified by the FAMILY-OF-SENTENCES diagnostic (e.g. Chierchia & McConnell-Ginet 1990). This article establishes distinctions among projective contents on the basis of a(More)