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The Antikythera Mechanism is a unique Greek geared device, constructed around the end of the second century bc. It is known that it calculated and displayed celestial information, particularly cycles such as the phases of the moon and a luni-solar calendar. Calendars were important to ancient societies for timing agricultural activity and fixing religious(More)
Empirical findings from a gaze-contingent color degradation study report the effects of artificial reduction of the human visual system's sensitivity to peripheral chromaticity on visual search performance. To our knowledge, this is the first such investigation of peripheral color reduction. For unimpeded performance, results suggest that, unlike(More)
Silage has been produced from many different kinds of grasses . Corn silage has proven to be an excellent way of preserving forage for dairy cattle so that it can be fed during winter months when other forages ar e in scant supply . The 1991 corn variety tests in Florida and South Georgi a (Wright et al . 1992) evaluated 51 varieties for their potential(More)
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