David Baldry

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The role of game animals as important hosts of some species of tsetse, including Glossina pallidipes, has been studied in detail in the Lambwe Valley area of Kenya. A large population of G. pallidipes existed in association with a varied community of game animals in the study area, and the investigation was designed to determine which of the hosts available(More)
Describes a process to assess facilities management (FM) process capabilities: the structured process improvement for construction environments--facilities management (SPICE FM) approach. The SPICE FM framework is a method that FM organizations can use to monitor continuously and subsequently improve their performance. The SPICE FM framework is being tested(More)
This paper presents evidence that tsetse flies (Glossina) can be dispersed by wind. This dispersal in West Africa is suggested to be along a south-west north-east axis. The implications of wind dispersal of Glossina for chemical and genetic control operations is discussed. Field experiments necessary to test this hypothesis are recommended. A study of human(More)
Marketing of distance learning programmes is a diversified business activity in many universities and the School of Construction and property Management (SCPM) utilises the tool predominantly in delivering Masters Courses and PhD sessions over the Internet. Although structural and organisational aspects of DL courses facilitated by computer mediated(More)
  • D A Baldry
  • Bulletin of the World Health Organization
  • 1972
The main events in the spread of Rhodesian sleeping sickness around the eastern shores of Lake Victoria during the 1930s and 1940s are summarized and the history of the disease in the Lambwe Valley area of western Kenya is described since its appearance there in 1959. The area was very receptive to the introduction and dispersal of T. rhodesiense on account(More)
In invasion processes, both abiotic and biotic factors are considered essential, but the latter are usually disregarded when modeling the potential spread of exotic species. In the framework of set theory, interactions between biotic (B), abiotic (A), and movement-related (M) factors in the geographical space can be hypothesized with BAM diagrams and tested(More)
Several thousand Glossina pallidipes flies were dissected to determine trypanosome infection rates in the Lambwe Valley and to collect information on the hosts of this tsetse. A total of 1 450 (19.3%) flies had mature trypanosome infections but the rate varied between 9.6% and 30.9% in the Lambwe Valley. In the Roo Valley the rate was 19.7-28.6%. Blood-meal(More)