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Case-Based Reasoning: Experiences, Lessons and Future Directions
From the Publisher: This book presents a selection of recent progress, issues, and directions for the future of case-based reasoning. It includes chapters addressing fundamental issues andExpand
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CBR in Context: The Present and Future
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Retrieval, reuse, revision and retention in case-based reasoning
Case-based reasoning (CBR) is an approach to problem solving that emphasizes the role of prior experience during future problem solving (i.e., new problems are solved by reusing and if necessaryExpand
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Categorizing Case-Base Maintenance: Dimensions and Directions
Experience with the growing number of large-scale CBR systems has led to increasing recognition of the importance of case-base maintenance. Multiple researchers have addressed pieces of the case-baseExpand
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Online documents provide a rich information resource for aiding the generation of concept-map-based knowledge models, but analyzing resources to select concepts and links is a time consuming task.Expand
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A tutorial introduction to case-based reasoning
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Remembering Why to Remember: Performance-Guided Case-Base Maintenance
An important focus of recent CBR research is on how to develop strategies for achieving compact, competent case-bases, as a way to improve the performance of CBR systems. However, compactness andExpand
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Goal-Based Explanation Evaluation
Many theories of explanation evaluation are based on context-independent criteria. Such theories either restrict their consideration to explanation towards a fixed goal, or assume that all validExpand
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When Two Case Bases Are Better than One: Exploiting Multiple Case Bases
Much current CBR research focuses on how to compact, refine, and augment the contents of individual case bases, in order to distill needed information into a single concise and authoritative source.Expand
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Focusing Construction and Selection of Abductive Hypotheses
Many abductive understanding systems explain novel situations by a chaining process that is neutral to explainer needs beyond generating some plausible explanation for the event being explained. ThisExpand
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