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Employee assistance for law enforcement: A brief review
A brief review of the concept and practice of providing various services to police employees similar to those in private industry is presented. These include Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) that
Eating and Ethics in Shakespeare's England
Introduction: eating relations Part I. Cannibal Ethics: Excursus: The Body Edible: 1. The cook and the cannibal: Titus Andronicus and New World eating 2. I will not eat with you: failures of
Shakespeare and hospitality : ethics, politics, and exchange
Introduction David B. Goldstein and Julia Reinhard Lupton Section One: Oikos and Polis Chapter 1 'Will you walk in, my lord?': Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida and the Anxiety of Oikos Andrew
Rayna Kalas, Frame, Glass, Verse: The Technology of Poetic Invention in the English Renaissance
This intelligent and subtle book joins a growing body of work that reinterprets Renaissance culture in light of the material conditions of lived experience. Focusing upon metaphors of framing and
Jews, Scots, and Pigs in The Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of Venice is another of Shakespeare’s Scottish plays in that its examination of Jewishness is simultaneously an examination of Scottishness. The threats of Judaism and Judaizing to the
Federal Versus State Adoption of Article 4A
A decision made by the sponsoring groups1 for the Article 4A effort is that regulation of wholesale wire transfers is best accomplished at the state, rather than federal, level by having the Article