David B. Yoffie

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Summer Institute for helpful suggestions and comments. Caroline Baylon provided excellent research assistance. All remaining errors are our own. Abstract We use mutual fund recommendations to test whether editorial content is independent from advertis-ers' influence in the financial media. We find that major personal finance magazines (Money, Kiplinger's(More)
and Marc Andreessen, a recent graduate of the University of Illinois where he had led the team of hacker programmers that built Mosaic, the first mass-market browser for the Web. Together they founded Netscape to create a simple, universal interface that would allow users with almost any type of communications device to access the Web. Their initial focus(More)
Platforms have evolved beyond just being organized as multi-sided markets with complementors selling to users. Complementors are often unpaid, working outside of a price system and driven by heterogeneous sources of motivation—which should affect how they respond to platform growth. Does reliance on network effects and strategies to attract large numbers of(More)
In Cournot's model of complements, the producers of A and B are both monopolists. This paper extends Cournot's model to allow for competition between complements on one side of the market. Consider two complements, A and B, where the A + B bundle is valuable only when purchased together. Good A is supplied by a monopolist (e.g., Microsoft) and there is(More)