David B. Tanner

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We describe a simple process for the fabrication of ultrathin, transparent, optically homogeneous, electrically conducting films of pure single-walled carbon nanotubes and the transfer of those films to various substrates. For equivalent sheet resistance, the films exhibit optical transmittance comparable to that of commercial indium tin oxide in the(More)
The uses of terahertz systems (300GHz to 3THz) in radars, remote sensing, advanced imaging, and bio-agent and chemical detection [1, 2] have been extensively studied. A compact and low-cost signal source is a key circuit block of terahertz systems. Traditionally, the circuits have been built using highly optimized III-V technologies [3, 4]. With the(More)
Near-field radiation allows heat to propagate across a small vacuum gap at rates several orders of magnitude above that of far-field, blackbody radiation. Although heat transfer via near-field effects has been discussed for many years, experimental verification of this theory has been very limited. We have measured the heat transfer between two macroscopic(More)
The coupling of excited surface polaritons with thermal radiation through diffraction by gratings results in coherent thermal emission in a certain frequency range toward well-defined directions for p polarization. A planar coherent source is proposed that uses multilayers of negative permittivity (epsilon) and negative permeability (mu) materials. Owing to(More)
The electronic properties of p-doped single-walled carbon nanotube SWNT bulk samples were studied by temperature-dependent resistivity and thermopower, optical reflectivity, and Raman spectroscopy. These all give consistent results for the Fermi level downshift EF induced by doping. We find EF 0.35 eV and 0.50 eV for concentrated nitric and sulfuric acid(More)
The baseline design for an Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Advanced LIGO) is a dual-recycled Michelson interferometer with cavities in each of the Michelson interferometer arms. We describe one possible length-sensing and control scheme for such a dual-recycled, cavity-enhanced Michelson interferometer. We discuss the(More)
  • B Abbott, R Abbott, +401 authors A G Lyne
  • Physical review letters
  • 2005
We place direct upper limits on the amplitude of gravitational waves from 28 isolated radio pulsars by a coherent multidetector analysis of the data collected during the second science run of the LIGO interferometric detectors. These are the first direct upper limits for 26 of the 28 pulsars. We use coordinated radio observations for the first time to build(More)
A 553-GHz quadruple-push oscillator is demonstrated using low leakage transistors in 45-nm CMOS. The currents of coupling transistors of a quadrature oscillator were summed up to implement quadruple pushing. Quasi-optical measurements showed that the circuit generates 4 harmonic signal at 553 GHz with the power level of 220 nW, while suppressing unwanted(More)
  • S J Asztalos, G Carosi, +11 authors J Clarke
  • Physical review letters
  • 2010
Axions in the microeV mass range are a plausible cold dark-matter candidate and may be detected by their conversion into microwave photons in a resonant cavity immersed in a static magnetic field. We report the first result from such an axion search using a superconducting first-stage amplifier (SQUID) replacing a conventional GaAs field-effect transistor(More)