David B. Sturgill

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This article introduces a parallel search-pruning technique callednagging. Nagging is sufficiently general to be effective in a number ofdomains; here we focus on an implementation for first-order theorem proving,a domain both responsive to a very simple nagging model and amenable to manyrefinements of this model. Nagging’s scalability and intrinsic(More)
The increased demand for mobile communication and use of mobile devices in high-latency, resource impoverished environments has spurred the development and growth of Delay-Tolerant Networks (DTN). DTNs aim to provide interoperability between a range of heterogeneous networks, operating under resource-constrained circumstances and traditional infrastructure(More)
This paper describes a distributed, adaptive, first-order logic engine with exceptional performance characteristics. The system combines serial search reduction techniques such as bounded-overhead subgoal caching and intelligent backtracking with a novel parallelization strategy particularly well-suited to coarse-grained parallel execution on a network of(More)
Abs t rac t . We present a new parallelization technique designed to speed the solution of first-order inference problems by detecting and pruning unnecessary search. Our technique, called uagging, is naturally fault tolerant and relatively robust in the presence of high communication latency. As a result, it is well suited to execution on a network of(More)
The ALPS (Adaptive Learning and Planning System) project is a three-year effort to design and prototype a next-generation adaptive planning architecture as part of the ARPA / Rome Laboratory Planning Initiative (ARPI). ALPS is being used.within the Planning Initiative to perform large-scale military transportation scheduling, taking a Time-Phased Force(More)
Evaluating Impulse C and Multiple Parallelism Partitions for a Low-Cost Reconfigurable Computing System Carmen C. Li Shen, M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisor: Russell W. Duren, Ph.D. Impulse C is a C-to-HDL compiler from Impulse Accelerated Technology that facilitates the introduction of software programmers, mathematicians, and scientists,(More)
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