David B. Steinmann

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BACKGROUND Many cave-dwelling animal species display similar morphologies (troglomorphism) that have evolved convergent within and among lineages under the similar selective pressures imposed by cave habitats. Here we study such ecomorphological evolution in cave-dwelling Sclerobuninae harvestmen (Opiliones) from the western United States, providing general(More)
A new species of the tubificine genus Limnodrilus is described and COI barcoded from Sulphur Cave and associated springs in Colorado, USA. The habitats are characterized by high sulfide concentrations. The new species, L. sulphurensis, is distinguished from all congeners by the elongate, nearly parallel teeth of chaetae in its anterior segments. It has a(More)
Populations of Limnodrilus sulphurensis Fend, Liu & Erséus, 2016 (Naididae, Oligochaeta) were found on sulphur bacterial mats in a stream with sulphidic and hypoxic water in Sulphur Cave, Colorado (USA). In order to reveal adaptations to the hostile conditions, we assessed physical and chemical factors in reference to anatomical and physiological details of(More)
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