David B. Shu

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This paper provides an overview of the Image Understanding Architecture (IUA), a massively parallel, multilevel system for supporting real-time image understanding applications and research in knowledge-based computer vision. The design of the IUA is motivated by considering the architectural requirements for integrated real-time vision in terms of the type(More)
In this paper, we present a set of heterogeneous algorithms for computer vision tasks using the Image Understanding Architecture IUA]. The full-scale IUA developed jointly by Hughes Research Labs and University of Massachusetts at Amherst is a multiple level heterogeneous architecture. Each level is constructed to perform tasks most suitable to its mode of(More)
SIMD mesh connected computers have been found to be very useful in many applications , such as those often found in image processing and matrix arithmetic, where the communication among PEs is local, regular, or both. Low eeciency results, however , when the communication patterns are irregular or sparse, a situation we have found to exist in many computer(More)
This paper examines the development of the Image Understanding Architecture (IUA), a heterogeneous, multi-level parallel processor being built by the University of Massachusetts and Hughes Research Laboratories to support real-time, knowledge-based machine vision. An architectural overview of the prototype IUA is presented, and then the design of the second(More)
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