David B. Payne

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10-Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (XG-PON), one of the latest standards of optical access networks, is regarded as one of the key technologies for future Internet access networks. In this paper, we propose and discuss the design and implementation of an XG-PON module for the NS-3 network simulator. The aim is to provide a standards-compliant,(More)
—Content Distribution currently accounts for the vast majority of Internet traffic. Peer-to-Peer represents a scalable and inexpensive strategy to deliver content to end-customers; unfortunately, it poses a sever strain on the network core and generates high costs for service providers. Locality-aware policies have been proposed to tackle these issues, but(More)
We report on an emerging application focused on the design of resilient long reach passive optical networks using combi-natorial optimisation techniques. The objective of the application is to determine the optimal position and capacity of a set of metro nodes. We specifically consider dual parented networks whereby each customer must be associated with two(More)
This paper is concerned with long-term (20+years) forecasting of broadband traffic in next-generation networks. Such long-term approach requires going beyond extrapola-tions of past traffic data while facing high uncertainty in predicting the future developments and facing the fact that, in 20 years, the current network technologies and architectures will(More)