David B. Noveck

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The Network File System (NFS) Version 4 is a new distributed file system similar to previous versions of NFS in its straightforward design, simplified error recovery, and independence of transport protocols and operating systems for file access in a heterogeneous network. Unlike earlier versions of NFS, the new protocol integrates file locking, strong(More)
NFS version 4 is a distributed file system protocol which owes heritage to NFS versions 2 [RFC1094] and 3 [RFC1813]. Unlike earlier Expires: June 2000 [Page 1] Draft Specification NFS version 4 Protocol December 1999 versions, NFS version 4 supports traditional file access while integrating support for file locking and the mount protocol. In addition,(More)
In the recent times, there has been an exposure to distributed systems that exemplify some degree of transparency predominantly through distributed file systems. Any user would like the look and feel of remote files just as the local ones. The Google File System implements such features. Instrumenting a master/slave pattern, the GFS provides appending data,(More)
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