David B. Kerwin

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A radiation-hardened 16-bit CMOS pipeline Analog-to-Digital Converter operated at 10 MSamples per second (MSps) has been tested with <sup>60</sup>Cobalt for Total Ionizing Dose (TID) in five different operating modes - static and dynamic. The built-in bandgap reference showed &lt;;130 mV output voltage shifts, and the ADC as a whole incurred minimal(More)
A 16:1 analog multiplexer has been designed, manufactured, and characterized for radiation effects and lifetime operation. The device is SEL immune, hardened to 300 krad(Si) TID, and SEU immune up to 62.3 MeV-cm^2/mg. The TID, SEE and lifetime operation performance is reported.
We present Single Event Latch-Up (SEL), Single Event Transient (SET), and Total Ionizing Dose (TID) data for a family of voltage supervisors fabricated in a 0.35-&#x03BC;m triple-well, mixed-signal CMOS process.
Mixed-signal integrated circuits are used in a variety of applications where ionizing radiation is present, including satellites, space vehicles, nuclear reactor monitoring, medical imaging, and cancer therapy. While total ionizing radiation is present in each of these environments, the type of radiation (e.g. heavy ions vs. high-energy x-rays) and other(More)
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