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Practitioners of the mindfulness form of Buddhist meditation were tested for visual sensitivity before and immediately after a 3-mo. retreat during which they practiced mindfulness meditation for 16 hr. each day. A control group composed of the staff at the retreat center was similarly tested. Visual sensitivity was defined in two ways: by a detection(More)
Tachistoscopic presentation of light flashes was used to test for differences in visual sensitivity among 3 groups of practitioners of Buddhist mindfulness meditation and non-meditator-controls. Meditation practitioners were able to detect light flashes of shorter duration than the non-meditators. There were no differences among the meditator groups. There(More)
Mindfulness and drinking motives have both been linked to affect regulation, yet the relationship between mindfulness and drinking motives is poorly understood. The present study examined whether drinking motives, particularly mood regulatory motives, mediated the associations between facets of mindfulness and alcohol-related outcomes among college students(More)
In the analysis of complex stochastic dynamic programs (DPs), we often seek strong theoretical guarantees on the suboptimality of heuristic policies: a common technique for obtaining such guarantees is perfect information analysis. This approach provides bounds on the performance of an optimal policy by considering a decision maker who has access to the(More)
Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use. The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Abstract. In this paper we survey the primary research, both theoretical and(More)
This study sought to determine to what degree student ratings of specific lecturer characteristics relate to trained observer ratings of such characteristics and to identify the distinguishing delivery characteristics of highly rated lecturers. The 15 lowest-rated lecturers and the 15 highest-rated lecturers, based on the mean ratings of students from two(More)
  • bullet F Baccelli, A Borovkov, bullet D Bertsimas, D B Brown, C Caramanis
  • 2013
Here is a very partial list of suggested topics and related references for the term project. It reflects the personal taste of the instructor. The subject area and application domains are vast, so consult the instructor for pointers if you wish to do other projects. 1. Scaling behavior in large tandem systems. In Problem Set 1 Question 5, we saw different(More)
This is an introduction to the method of Chabauty and Coleman, a p-adic method that attempts to determine the set of rational points on a given curve of genus g ≥ 2. We present the method, give a few examples of its implementation in practice, and discuss its effectiveness. An appendix treats the case in which the curve has bad reduction. 1. Rational points(More)
Approximately one in six married couples find themselves involuntarily infertile. This ratio translates to between two and four million U.S. couples. Although numerous tests are available for diagnosing infertility problems, 5-10 percent of all couples who seek medical treatment are diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Several tests are presently(More)