David Augustine

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INTRODUCTION In this chapter, we will illustrate how to use a combination of knowledge-based natural language processing and mathematically based text mining to solve a high impact part name analysis problem. Many industries keep a large amount of maintenance log data. A typical computing help desk keeps a log of people's reported problems, and the(More)
In this paper, we analyze and reveal the benefits of Big Data Analytics and Hadoop in the applications of Healthcare where the data flow to and from is in massive volume. The developing countries like India with huge population faces various problems in the field of healthcare with respect to the expenses, meeting the needs of the economically deprived(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS James Locklear of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum has contributed more to our knowledge of Asclepias uncialis than any other individual, and his research and help are gratefully acknowledged. were very helpful in determining the status of A. uncialis on National Forest System land. Carolyn Crawford provided photographs, drawings, crucial(More)
In this paper, there is in-depth analysis of the parallel genetic algorithms used for segmentation of brain images and how their efficiency varies in the cloud setup with Hadoop. Since the current health care industry is moving towards the utmost usage of cloud to make the data available round the clock for the analysis, it is mandatory that the efficiency(More)
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