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Several models have been proposed for how the brain measures velocity from the output of motion-energy units. These models make some unrealistic assumptions such as the use of Gabor-shaped temporal filters, which are non causal, or flat spatial spectra, which are invalidated by existing data. We present a Bayesian model of velocity perception, which makes(More)
Please see file Legal.html in the source distribution. This open source project has been contributed to by many people, including personnel of the Lawrence Liver-more National Laboratory. The following notice covers those contributions including this manual. Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any purpose without fee is hereby(More)
The media often present open source software as a direct competitor to commercial software. This depiction, usually pitting David (Linux) against Goliath (Microsoft), makes for fun reading in the weekend paper. However, it mostly misses the point of what open source means to a development organization. In this article, I use the experiences of GizmoSoft (a(More)
1 Abstract The DEC @aGlance architecture supports the integration of manufacturing process information systems with the analysis, scheduling, design, and management tools that are used to improve and manage production. DEC @aGlance software comprises a set of run-time libraries, an application development tool kit, and extensions to popular spreadsheet(More)
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