David Aragão

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The adoption of business processes to design business activities is becoming a reality to a significant number of companies. In addition, the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is being used in diverse situations for the execution of business processes using computational resources. In this context, the need of business process automation appears with high(More)
MX1 is a bending-magnet crystallography beamline at the 3 GeV Australian Synchrotron. The beamline delivers hard X-rays in the energy range from 8 to 18 keV to a focal spot at the sample position of 120 µm FWHM. The beamline endstation and ancillary equipment facilitate local and remote access for both chemical and biological macromolecular crystallography.(More)
The Store.Synchrotron service, a fully functional, cloud computing-based solution to raw X-ray data archiving and dissemination at the Australian Synchrotron, is described. The service automatically receives and archives raw diffraction data, related metadata and preliminary results of automated data-processing workflows. Data are able to be shared with(More)
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