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The symmetric traveling salesman problem (TSP) is one of the best-known problems of combinatorial optimisation, very easy to explain and visualise, yet with a semblance of real-world applicability. Given a set of points, the cost of moving between each two in either direction, and a constant k, the task in the TSP is to decide, whether it is possible to(More)
Intra-domain traffic engineering can significantly enhance the performance of large IP backbone networks. Two important components of traffic engineering are understanding the traffic demandsand configuring the routing protocols. These two components are inter-linked, as it is widely believed that an accurate view of traffic is important for optimizing the(More)
The rst computer implementation of the Dantzig-Fulkerson-Johnson cutting-plane method for solving the traveling salesman problem , written by Martin, used subtour inequalities as well as cutting planes of Gomory's type. The practice of looking for and using cuts that match prescribed templates in conjunction with Gomory cuts was continued in computer codes(More)
This paper describes a fast and scalable strategy for constructing a radiation hybrid (RH) map from data on different RH panels. The maps on each panel are then integrated to produce a single RH map for the genome. Recurring problems in using maps from several sources are that the maps use different markers, the maps do not place the overlapping markers in(More)
We discuss several issues that arise in the implementation of Martin, Otto, and Felten's Chained Lin-Kernighan heuristic for large-scale traveling salesman problems. Computational results are presented for TSPLIB instances ranging in size from 11,849 cities up to 85,900 cities; for each of these instances, solutions within 1% of the optimal value can be(More)
IPTV service providers offering Video-on-Demand currently use servers at each metropolitan office to store all the videos in their library. With the rapid increase in library sizes, it will soon become infeasible to replicate the entire library at each office. We present an approach for intelligent content placement that scales to large library sizes (e.g.,(More)
Dantzig, Fulkerson, and Johnson (1954) introduced the cutting-plane method as a means of attacking the traveling salesman problem; this method has been applied to broad classes of problems in combinatorial optimization and integer programming. In this paper we discuss an implementation of Dantzig et al.'s method that is suitable for TSP instances having(More)