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– The design (synthesis) of analog electrical circuits starts with a high-level statement of the circuit's desired behavior and requires creating a circuit that satisfies the specified design goals. Analog circuit synthesis entails the creation of both the topology and the sizing (numerical values) of all of the circuit's components. The difficulty of the(More)
It is difficult to program cellular automata. This is especially true when the desired computation requires global communication and global integration of information across great distances in the cellular space. Various human-written algorithms have appeared in the past two decades for the vexatious majority classification task for one-dimensional(More)
Safe state abstraction in reinforcement learning allows an agent to ignore aspects of its current state that are irrelevant to its current decision, and therefore speeds up dynamic programming and learning. This paper explores safe state abstraction in hierarchical reinforcement learning, where learned behaviors must conform to a given partial, hierarchical(More)
This paper describes an automated process for designing electrical circuits in which "What You Want Is What You Get" ("WYWIWYG" – pronounced "wow-eee-wig"). The design process uses genetic programming to produce both the topology of the desired circuit and the sizing (numerical values) for all the components of a circuit. Genetic programming successfully(More)
Prioritized sweeping is a model-based reinforcement learning method that attempts to focus an agent's limited computational resources to achieve a good estimate of the value of environment states. To choose effectively where to spend a costly planning step, classic prioritized sweeping uses a simple heuristic to focus computation on the states that are(More)
– It would be desirable if computers could solve problems without the need for a human to write the detailed programmatic steps. That is, it would be desirable to have a domain-independent automatic programming technique in which "What You Want Is What You Get" ("WYWIWYG" – pronounced "wow-eee-wig"). Genetic programming is such a technique. This paper(More)