David Andrés González

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The human CD34 gene is expressed on early progenitor and stem cells in the bone marrow. Here we report the isolation of the human CD34 locus from a human P1 artificial chromosome (PAC) library and the characterization and evaluation of this genomic fragment for expression of reporter genes in stable cell lines and transgenic mice. We show that a 160-kb(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effect of (1) maternal smoking during pregnancy; and (2) partner smoking on offspring's height in infancy, childhood, and adolescence. METHODS All hospital live births from 1993 (5,249) were identified, and these infants were followed up at several ages. Height for age, expressed as z-scores using the World Health Organization(More)
BACKGROUND Large epidemiological studies in DNA biobanks have increasingly used less invasive methods for obtaining DNA samples, such as saliva collection. Although lower amounts of DNA are obtained as compared with blood collection, this method has been widely used because of its more simple logistics and increased response rate. The present study aimed to(More)
We investigated the association between breast feeding, economic factors and conviction for violent delinquency by age 25 years among subjects of the 1982 Birth Cohort from Pelotas, Southern Brazil. Information on breast-feeding pattern and duration was collected in childhood, during the 1983, 1984 and 1986 follow-ups. Information on socio-economic and(More)
We have isolated 5' cDNA clones encoding a member of the cellular myosin heavy chain gene family from human leukocytes. The predicted amino acid sequence shows 93% identity to a chicken cellular myosin heavy chain, 76% to chicken smooth muscle, and 40% to human sarcomeric myosin heavy chain. The mRNA is expressed as a 7.4- to 7.9-kb doublet in many(More)
Adverse socioeconomic conditions in childhood can have lasting effects on health, but evidence is lacking from prospective studies concerning the effects of early poverty on abdominal obesity in adulthood. Cross-sectional studies in adults from middle and high-income countries show that current socioeconomic status is inversely related to obesity in women,(More)
The transcription factor RUNX1 is essential to establish the haematopoietic gene expression programme; however, the mechanism of how it activates transcription of haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) genes is still elusive. Here, we obtained novel insights into RUNX1 function by studying regulation of the human CD34 gene, which is expressed in HSCs. Using(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate adolescents' perception of the causes of obesity, with emphasis on differences according to nutritional status and socioeconomic position. METHODS We conducted qualitative research including 80 adolescents belonging to the 1993 Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort Study, and their mothers. We classified adolescent boys and girls into four(More)
OBJECTIVE Obesity is an increasingly prevalent nutritional disorder throughout the world. In particular, abdominal obesity is associated with cardiovascular and metabolic risk. The present study aimed to evaluate the effects of skin colour and life-course socio-economic indicators on waist circumference (WC), hip circumference (HC) and waist:hip ratio (WHR)(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study investigates how consistently DSM-IV major depressive disorder (MDD) with psychosis was diagnosed by research consensus across 10 years and the association of clinical characteristics with diagnostic consistency. METHOD The sample included 146 participants, part of a larger first-admission cohort (N = 628) presenting to a(More)