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Crystal structure analysis of recombinant rat kidney long chain hydroxy acid oxidase.
Long chain hydroxy acid oxidase (LCHAO) is a member of an FMN-dependent enzyme family that oxidizes L-2-hydroxy acids to ketoacids. LCHAO is a peroxisomal enzyme, and the identity of itsExpand
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Transcutaneous Cardiac Pacing during Thoracic Surgery Feasibility and Hemodynamic Evaluation by Transesophageal Echocardiography
BackgroundOccasionally, emergency perioperative pacing is necessary. Transcutaneous cardiac pacing is noninvasive, safe, and readily available. Its feasibility and hemodynamic effects during thoracicExpand
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Hydroxamates as substrates and inhibitors for FMN-dependent 2-hydroxy acid dehydrogenases.
Long-chain hydroxy acid oxydase (HAO) is a member of a flavoenzyme family with significant amino acid sequence similarity and strongly conserved three-dimensional structure; in particular,Expand
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cosmetic association of a microorganism and a phytosphingosine derivative
The present invention provides a useful cosmetic composition for the care and / or making up keratin materials, comprising, in a physiologically acceptable medium, at least one phytosphingosineExpand
Cosmetic use of anisic acid for promoting desquamation