David Allingham

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The focus of this paper is on the sensitivity to the specification of the prior in a hidden Markov model describing homogeneous segments of DNA sequences. An intron from the chimpanzee α-fetoprotein gene, which plays an important role in embryonic development in mammals is analysed. Three main aims are considered : (i) to assess the sensitivity to prior(More)
To evaluate coding strategies for cochlear implants a model of the human cochlear nerve is required. Nerve models based on voltage-clamp experiments, such as the Frankenhaeuser-Huxley model of myelinated nerve, can have over forty parameters and are not amenable for fitting to physiological data from a different animal or type of nerve. Phenomenological(More)
We develop a test for equality of variances given two independent random samples of observations. The test can be expected to perform well when both sample sizes are at least moderate and the sample variances are asymptotically equivalent to the maximum likelihood estimators of the population variances. The test is motivated by and is here assessed for the(More)
Phenomenological neural models, such as the leaky integrate-and-fire model, normally have a fixed refractory time-course that is independent of the stimulus. The recovery of threshold following an action potential is typically based on physiological experiments that use a two-pulse paradigm in which the first pulse is suprathreshold and causes excitation(More)
—We investigate analytical cost distributions in the setting of a dynamic stochastic scheduling problem where customers are served from a central location within some given time-frame, for the case where customer locations are uniformly distributed on the boundary of the unit circle. Two distance met-rics are considered and analytical expressions for the(More)
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