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Geographically annotated social media is extremely valuable for modern information retrieval. However, when researchers can only access publicly-visible data, one quickly finds that social media users rarely publish location information. In this work, we provide a method which can geolocate the overwhelming majority of active Twitter users, independent of(More)
The relationship between information science and information systems (IS) research is examined through analysis of the subject literature of each field and by citation and co-citation analysis of highly cited researchers in each field. The subfields of user studies (US) and information retrieval (IR) research were selected to represent information science(More)
In the initial experiment, 20 male and 20 female heterogeneous stock (HS) mice were divided randomly into experimental and control groups. Ethanol was administered in liquid diet form to the experimental group in increasing dosages for a 9-day period followed by behavioral and physiological tests to determine differences between groups and genders 6 to 7 hr(More)
Mobile wireless computing has been identified as a critical new application of information technology; however, only a few case studies are available focusing on the organisational or social issues related to the deployment of these technologies. This paper provides a rich description of the situated activities of a particular set of mobile workers (police(More)
Starting with a population of genetically heterogeneous mice (HS/lbg), selection for a multivariate index of the ethanol withdrawal syndrome has been initiated. The study uses within-litter selection to minimize inbreeding and includes replicate high, low, and control lines. After five generations, results indicate that selection is proceeding successfully.(More)