David Alderson

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F or many mathematicians and physicists, the Internet has become a popular real-world domain for the application and/or development of new theories related to the organization and behavior of large-scale, complex, and dynamic systems. In some cases, the Internet has served both as inspiration and justification for the popularization of new models and(More)
[1] We investigate seismicity near faults in the Southern California Earthquake Center Community Fault Model. We search for anomalously large events that might be signs of a characteristic earthquake distribution. We find that seismicity near major fault zones in Southern California is well modeled by a Gutenberg-Richter distribution, with no evidence of(More)
Over the last decade there has been significant interest and attention devoted towards understanding the complex structure of the Internet, particularly its topol-ogy and the large-scale properties that can be derived from it. While recent work by empiricists and theoreticians has emphasized certain statistical and mathematical properties of network(More)
Introduction Mircea Pitici This book offers a selection of texts on mathematics published during 2009 in a variety of professional and general-interest publications from several countries.The main goal of bringing together such diverse contributions is to make widely available representative texts on the role, importance, and dynamism of mathematics,(More)
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