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A 1.4-Mb interval RH map of horse chromosome 17 provides detailed comparison with human and mouse homologues.
Comparative genomics has served as a backbone for the rapid development of gene maps in domesticated animals. The integration of this approach with radiation hybrid (RH) analysis provides one of theExpand
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Endovascular Particulate and Alcohol Embolization for Near-Fatal Epistaxis from a Skull Base Vascular Malformation
A three-year old girl who initially presented at 16 months with epistaxis from an anterior skull base vascular anomaly returned with near-fatal epistaxis despite embolization of the internalExpand
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Case report: Prolonged collodion membrane causing constrictive bands of the digits and treatment.
Collodion babies present unique diagnostic and management challenges. We describe a 2-month-old female with lamellar ichthyosis and prolonged collodion membrane with two constrictive bands of theExpand
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Role of gastric mast cells in the regulation of central TRH analog-induced hyperemia in rats
RX 77368 (RX) increases gastric mucosal blood flow by a vagal cholinergic mechanism. The relative roles of mucosal and connective tissue mast cells (MMC and CTMC) were investigated in RX-injectedExpand
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A Case of Pseudorheumatoid Nodule Arising in a Previous Site of Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
The pseudorheumatoid nodule (PRN) is a subcutaneous palisading granuloma characterized by a pattern of interstitial histiocytes surrounding an area of collagen necrobiosis and typically unassociatedExpand
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Patented Mar . 15 , 1949 s 2 , 464 , 741 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE
1. This invention relates to a class of useful new polymers and to a method for manufacturing them. More particularly, the invention pertains to polyallyl esters of hydroxy-substituted monoExpand
Basal cell carcinoma screening drives a comprehensive approach to skin cancer
of prevaccine era cervical cancer screening, incidence, stage, and mortality. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2011; 20:591–9. 5 U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Screening for CongenitalExpand