David A. de Koninck

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A study of solid propellant ignition and combustion of potassium dinitrobenzofuroxanate in Joule-heating pyrotechnical microelectromechanical systems igniters is carried out using a high-speed framing camera. The effect of igniter geometry, propellant formulation (binder content), fuel mass, and input power level on ignition delay time variability is(More)
The fabrication, modeling and testing of a pyroMEMS balloon actuators are presented herein. A foil-level fabrication method was developed, integrating nickel-plated, inkjet-printed igniters capable of generating >;200 °C for ~1 s - sufficient for fuel combustion - and a low-temperature (120 °C) lamination technique using thick(More)
A cleanroom-free fabrication process adapted to microfluidic devices is presented for pyrotechnical microelectromechanical systems balloon actuators. The actuators are intended for on-chip pumping and fluid ejection to replace tabletop pumping solutions in low-cost portable single-use microfluidic devices. The fabrication process leveraged polymeric foils(More)
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