David A. Woody

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  • Daniel J. Soriny, Mary K. Vernony, Vijay S. Paiz, Sarita V. Advez, David A. Woody
  • 1998
This paper provides the customized MVA equations for an analytical model for evaluating architectural alternatives for shared-memory multiprocessors with processors that aggressively exploit instruction-level parallelism (ILP). Compared to simulation, the analytical model is many orders of magnitude faster to solve, yielding highly accurate system(More)
A programming performance model provides a programmer with feedback on the cost of program operations and is a necessary basis to write eecient programs. Many shared-memory performance models do not accurately capture the cost of interprocessor communication caused by non-local memory references, particularly in computers with caches. This paper describes a(More)
A focused high throughput screening for GPR139 was completed for a select 100K compounds, and new agonist leads were identified. Subsequent analysis and structure-activity relationship studies identified (S)-3-chloro-N-(2-oxo-2-((1-phenylethyl)amino)ethyl)benzamide 7c as a potent and selective agonist of hGPR139 with an EC50 = 16 nM. The compound was found(More)
CCAT will be a 25 m diameter telescope operating in the 2 to 0.2 mm wavelength range. It will be located at an altitude of 5600 m on Cerro Chajnantor in Northern Chile. The telescope will be equipped with wide-field, multi-color cameras for surveys and multi-object spectrometers for spectroscopic follow up. Several innovations have been developed to meet(More)
The 25-m aperture Cornell Caltech Atacama Telescope (CCAT) will have a primary mirror that is divided into 162 individual segments, each of which is equipped with 3 positioning actuators. This paper presents a mathematical description of the telescope, its actuators and sensors, and uses it to derive control laws for figure maintenance. A Kalman(More)
The 25 meter aperture Cornell Caltech Atacama Telescope (CCAT) will provide an enormous increase in sensitivity in the submillimeter bands compared to existing observatories, provided it can establish and maintain excellent image quality. To accomplish this at a very low cost, it is necessary to conduct accurate engineering trades, including the most(More)