David A. Swayne

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In this paper we describe our experience in the design and teaching of a new evolutionary introductory programming course in a new Distributed Computing and Communications Systems Technology program at the University of Guelph-Humber. This course is evolutionary and innovative because it integrates the use of HTML, JavaScript, and Java in a one-semester(More)
Computer simulations using mathematical models provide useful tools to investigate different scenarios based on watershed management strategies and environmental conditions. To study the impact of these strategies and conditions, different models must be linked or coupled following hydrological pathways in air, soil and water. To connect one model to(More)
59 To study the possible impact on the Lake Malawi/Nyasa/Niassa water quality due to actions performed at the watershed level, 61 and WL Delft Hydraulics to integrate physical and biochemical processes models in the lake and its basin which affect lake and 62 river water quality. The purpose of the integration of different models was to provide a set of(More)
This paper is a progress report of an ongoing research project from which the expected final product will be an integral system to model nonpoint source pollution in surface waters. Diffuse pollution models will be inclu ded in a decision support system with a unique platform, common interfaces and GIS capabilities. This system will accommodate pre-and(More)
Recently, it has been recognized that large lakes exert considerable influence on regional climate systems and vice versa and that the Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM), which does not currently have a lake component, requires the development of a coupled lake sub-model. Prior to a full effort for this model development, however, studies are needed to(More)