David A. Schilling

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Heuristic concentration (HC) is a two-stage metaheuristic that can be applied to a wide variety of combinatorial problems. It is particularly suited to location problems in which the number of facilities is given in advance. In such settings, the ®rst stage of HC repeatedly applies some random-start interchange (or other) heuristic to produce a number of(More)
This paper examines the implications of utilizing decision support systems (DSS) in the public sector based on a DSS developed and implemented for a community mental health system. The DSS includes a multiple objective (goal programming) allocation model and encompasses a multiple party decision process. The experiences and insights acquired during the(More)
In this paper, we extend the concepts of demand data aggregation error to location problems involving coverage. These errors, which arise flora losses in locational information, may lead to suboptimal location patterns. They are potentially more significant in covering problems than in p-median problernsIbecause the distance metric is binary in covering(More)
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