David A. Romero

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This paper presents a Bayesian methodology for computer-aided experimental design of heterogeneous scaffolds for tissue engineering applications. These heterogeneous scaffolds have spatial distributions of growth factors designed to induce and direct the growth of new tissue as the scaffolds degrade. While early scaffold designs have been essentially(More)
Wind farm design deals with the optimal placement of turbines in a wind farm. Past studies have focused on energy-maximization, cost-minimization or revenue-maximization objectives. As land is more extensively exploited for onshore wind farms, wind farms are more likely to be in close proximity with human dwellings. Therefore governments, developers, and(More)
The wind farm layout optimization problem is concerned with the optimal location of turbines within a fixed geographical area to maximize energy capture under stochastic wind conditions. Previously it has been modelled as a maximum diversity (or p-dispersion-sum) problem , but such a formulation cannot capture the nonlinearity of aerodynamic interactions(More)
Streptomyces coelicolor is a model for studying bacteria renowned as the foremost source of natural products used clinically. Post-genomic studies have revealed complex patterns of gene expression and links to growth, morphological development and individual genes. However, the underlying regulation remains largely obscure, but undoubtedly involves steps(More)
Escherichia coli endoribonuclease E has a major influence on gene expression. It is essential for the maturation of ribosomal and transfer RNA as well as the rapid degradation of messenger RNA. The latter ensures that translation closely follows programming at the level of transcription. Recently, one of the hallmarks of RNase E, i.e. its ability to bind(More)
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