David A. Ritchie

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The presence of methanogenic bacteria was assessed in peat and soil cores taken from upland moors. The sampling area was largely covered by blanket bog peat together with small areas of red-brown limestone and peaty gley. A 30-cm-deep core of each soil type was taken, and DNA was extracted from 5-cm transverse sections. Purified DNA was subjected to PCR(More)
Semiconductor devices have become indispensable for generating electromagnetic radiation in everyday applications. Visible and infrared diode lasers are at the core of information technology, and at the other end of the spectrum, microwave and radio-frequency emitters enable wireless communications. But the terahertz region (1-10 THz; 1 THz = 10(12) Hz)(More)
Specific DNA sequences from native bacterial populations present in soil, sediment, and sand samples were amplified by using the polymerase chain reaction with primers for either "universal" eubacterial 16S rRNA genes or mercury resistance (mer) genes. With standard amplification conditions, 1.5-kb rDNA fragments from all 12 samples examined and from as(More)
Mercury and its compounds are distributed widely across the earth. Many of the chemical forms of mercury are toxic to all living organisms. However, bacteria have evolved mechanisms of resistance to several of these different chemical forms, and play a major role in the global cycling of mercury in the natural environment. Five mechanisms of resistance to(More)
OBJECTIVE We studied the frequency and cause of a feature exhibited on T1-weighted (T1-W) magnetic resonance (MR) imaging termed the 'penumbra sign' in a series of patients presenting with osteomyelitis and correlated it with the double-line sign described as a T2-weighted (T2-W) or short tau inversion recovery (STIR) feature of both the Brodie's abscess(More)
Electroluminescence from a single quantum dot within the intrinsic region of a p-i-n junction is shown to act as an electrically driven single-photon source. At low injection currents, the dot electroluminescence spectrum reveals a single sharp line due to exciton recombination, while another line due to the biexciton emerges at higher currents. The(More)
Hibernoma is an uncommon, slow-growing, benign soft-tissue tumour resembling brown adipose tissue. The histological appearances are well-documented, but there are relatively few descriptions of the magnetic resonance (MR) imaging features. We report a retrospective comparison of the histological and MR appearances of ten hibernomas of the extremities,(More)
Entangled photon pairs are an important resource in quantum optics, and are essential for quantum information applications such as quantum key distribution and controlled quantum logic operations. The radiative decay of biexcitons-that is, states consisting of two bound electron-hole pairs-in a quantum dot has been proposed as a source of triggered(More)
State readout is a key requirement for a quantum computer. For semiconductor-based qubit devices it is usually accomplished using a separate mesoscopic electrometer. Here we demonstrate a simple detection scheme in which a radio frequency resonant circuit coupled to a semiconductor double quantum dot is used to probe its charge and spin states. These(More)
The spin field-effect transistor envisioned by Datta and Das opens a gateway to spin information processing. Although the coherent manipulation of electron spins in semiconductors is now possible, the realization of a functional spin field-effect transistor for information processing has yet to be achieved, owing to several fundamental challenges such as(More)