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BACKGROUND Exercise intolerance is a primary characteristic of chronic congestive heart failure. Exercise testing is therefore widely used to evaluate the degree of functional impairment, prognosis of underlying cardiac disease, and response to treatment. Historically, studies that used exercise tolerance as an end point to evaluate the efficacy of(More)
We performed a Monte Carlo computer simulation of the Walker-Duncan logistic regression technique in a typical epidemiologic prospective setting and analysed the results with respect to the accuracy and reliability of the regression estimates and the associated statistical significance tests (Z-tests). The results strongly suggest that the estimates were(More)
In the USA, any institution involved in using non-human primates for research has had, for regulatory reasons, to address the psychological needs of these animals. Enriching the environment through the use of foraging devices has been one method and a study was designed to evaluate the short-term effect of a new foraging device on singly-housed cynomolgus(More)
Electrospray ionization (ES) is a novel method used in mass spectrometry (MS) for producing gas-phase ions from substances in solutions. Common practices for molecular mass estimation from ES spectra summarize the spectrum as a single peak giving no estimate of uncertainty or treat each peak as an independent molecular mass measurement. ES-MS data analysis(More)
Bleeding from hemorrhagic erosions in the stomach or duodenum of seriously ill patients is associated with a high mortality. While the pathogenesis of such lesions is by no means certain, it is known that they are universal after shock, sepsis or severe burns. Fiberoptic endoscopy has become the most valuable means of diagnosis. This should be preceded by(More)
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