David A Patriquin

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Several recent studies document the declining use of osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) in clinical practice. In this article, the authors contend that developing new teaching materials based on the mastery learning approach can augment time-tested methods of teaching OMT and help to stop or reverse this decline. The Spencer technique for shoulder(More)
To evaluate interexaminer agreement on palpatory diagnostic findings, we compared interexaminer results, patient disability self-evaluations, and assessment of patients' progress by referring physicians. Three examiners (two clinicians and a third-year osteopathic medical student fellow) monitored patients' progress using negotiated examination procedures.(More)
There is need for specific terminology for osteopathic findings, including the findings in postural examination. A static test for laterally transposed pelvis is sometimes critical to the establishment of a diagnosis of postural imbalance, particularly in the minor forms of this important clinical entity. There is need for a word or phrase that identifies(More)
Gene therapy, pre-natal diagnosis, genetically altered bacteria, patenting new life forms: these are all outgrowths from the development of genetics. Our focus will be on the moral issues engendered by some of the genetic techniques which are now so well integrated into clinical medicine. The section on genetic counseling is meant to show the most frequent(More)