David A. Patrick

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To predict the effects of terrestrial habitat change on amphibian populations, we need to know how amphibians respond to habitat heterogeneity, and whether habitat choice remains consistent throughout the life-history cycle. We conducted four experiments to evaluate how the spatial distribution of juvenile wood frogs, Rana sylvatica (including both overall(More)
OBJECTIVE Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication is performed in neonates and children for significant gastroesophageal reflux. An aberrant left hepatic artery encountered during laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication makes dissection around the esophageal hiatus more difficult if the artery is not transected. Although some suggest division of the aberrant left(More)
As road networks and traffic volumes increase, road-effects on animal populations are becoming more prevalent. Our goal was to identify herpetofaunal crossing hotspots on roads and to use this information to prioritize deployment of mitigation efforts. Our focus was New York State where in a collaborative effort between ecologists and the New York State(More)
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