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The focus of this study is the thermomechanical characterization and comparison between two different shape memory alloys (SMAs) quantifying the effect of plastic strain on the transformation characteristics of SMA actuators. In this study, the thermomechanical response and transformation characteristics of a NiTiCu and a NiTi SMA are studied as a function(More)
We examine the determinants of cooperation and the effectiveness of deterrence when fear is a motive for conflict. We contrast results obtained in a complete information setting, where coordination is easy, to those obtained in a setting with strategic risk, where players have different assessments of their environment. These two strategic settings allow us(More)
Which social norms and networks maximize cooperation in bilateral relationships? We study a network of players in which each link is a repeated bilateral partnership with two-sided moral hazard. e obstacle to community enforcement is that each player observes the behavior of her partners in the partnerships with her, but not how they behave in other(More)
When two sponsoring organizations, working towards separate goals, can employ wireless sensor networks for a finite period of time, it can be efficiency-enhancing for the sponsors to program their sensors to cooperate. But if each sensor privately knows whether it can provide a favor in any particular period, and the sponsors cannot contract on ex post(More)
We present a C-shaped nanoaperture-enhanced Ge photodetector that shows 2-5 times the photocurrent enhancement over that from a square aperture of the same area at 1310 nm wavelength. We demonstrate the polarization dependence of the C-aperture photodetector over a wide wavelength range. Our experimental observation agrees well with finite-difference(More)
Epulopiscium sp. type B, a large intestinal bacterial symbiont of the surgeonfish Naso tonganus, does not reproduce by binary fission. Instead, it forms multiple intracellular offspring using a process with morphological features similar to the survival strategy of endospore formation in other Firmicutes. We hypothesize that intracellular offspring(More)