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We analyzed the diversity of bacterial epibionts and trophic ecology of a new species of Kiwa yeti crab discovered at two hydrothermal vent fields (E2 and E9) on the East Scotia Ridge (ESR) in the Southern Ocean using a combination of 454 pyrosequencing, Sanger sequencing, and stable isotope analysis. The Kiwa epibiont communities were dominated by Epsilon-(More)
This paper investigates the utilization of explicit bottleneck link characteristic information in order to enhance TCP behaviors. We propose the TCP Quick-Adjust algorithm as an extension of TCP Quick-Start, to allow end nodes to quickly adjust their sending rate for ongoing connections according to the reported bottleneck link bandwidth. Our scheme is(More)
This paper proposes a practical scheme to run the care-of address test (part of the Return Routability test for Mobile IPv6 route optimization) in a proactive way in the context of the Fast Handovers for Mobile IPv6 (FMIPv6) protocol, so that the latency (normally one round-trip time between a mobile node and its correspondent node) caused by the care-of(More)
Despite an increasing number of Antarctic soil diversity assessments, understanding of the bacterial community composition in the arid soil environments of the maritime/continental Antarctic transitional zone remains lacking. Most documented microbiological studies had focused on either the wetter environments of the Antarctic Peninsula/Scotia arc or the(More)
Viruses constitute the most abundant biological entities and a large reservoir of genetic diversity on Earth. Despite the recent surge in their study, our knowledge on their actual biodiversity and distribution remains sparse. We report the first metagenomic analysis of Arctic freshwater viral DNA communities and a comparative analysis with other freshwater(More)
Modified and asymptotic Cramer-Rao bounds (MCRB and ACRB, respectively) for frequency estimation in parallel fading channels are presented. The bounds are derived for arbitrary correlation of fading processes in parallel channels and covariance of additive Gaussian noise. The results are specified for additive white noise. Numerical comparison with the true(More)