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A comprehensive approach for studying the mechanics of partially intact muscle-tendon (MT) complexes was developed. This approach utilizes a work station which integrates state-of-the-art equipment and software. The hardware includes a nerve stimulator, ergometer, high speed video camera and recorder, computer, and temperature regulated chamber. When used(More)
Nuclear factor kappa-B (NF-kappaB)-regulated inflammatory genes, such as TNF-alpha (tumor necrosis factor-alpha), play key roles in the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases, including diabetes and the metabolic syndrome. However, the nuclear chromatin mechanisms are unclear. We report here that the chromatin histone H3-lysine 4 methyltransferase, SET7/9,(More)
CONTEXT It is well recognized that the presence of a foreskin predisposes to penile carcinoma and sexually transmitted infections. We have investigated the relationship between the presence or absence of the foreskin and penile dermatoses. OBJECTIVE To determine whether there is an association between circumcision and penile dermatoses. DESIGN A(More)
Managers appear to manipulate firm earnings through their characterizations of pension assets to capital markets and alter investment decisions to justify, and capitalize on, these manipulations. Managers are more aggressive with assumed long-term rates of return when their assumptions have a greater impact on reported earnings. Firms use higher assumed(More)
The most widely used method for detecting genome-wide protein-DNA interactions is chromatin immunoprecipitation on tiling microarrays, commonly known as ChIP-chip. Here, we conducted the first objective analysis of tiling array platforms, amplification procedures, and signal detection algorithms in a simulated ChIP-chip experiment. Mixtures of human genomic(More)
Prospective relations between individual differences in both lateralised neuro-psychophysiological functions and mood ratings with immune status (CD4 and CD8 counts) were examined in asymptomatic HIV-positive men (n = 27) over thirty months. They participated in a controlled study of zidovudine versus placebo (results published elsewhere). Measures included(More)
—Large blackouts are typically caused by cascading failure propagating through a power system by means of a variety of processes. Because of the wide range of time scales, multiple interacting processes, and the huge number of possible interactions, the simulation and analysis of cascading blackouts is extremely complicated. This paper defines cascading(More)
BACKGROUND   The dermatological aspects of male genital lichen sclerosus (MGLSc) have not received much prominence in the literature. Sexual morbidity appears under-appreciated, the role of histology is unclear, the relative places of topical medical treatment and circumcision are not established, the prognosis for sexual function, urinary function and(More)
Warm-up exercises are often advocated prior to strenuous exercise, but the warm-up duration and effect on muscle-tendon behavior are not well defined. The gastrocnemius-Achilles tendon complexes of 18 subjects were studied to quantify the dynamic creep response of the Achilles tendon in-vivo and the warm-up dose required for the Achilles tendon to achieve(More)