David A Hartemink

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The common IL-2/15 receptor-beta (IL-2/15Rbeta) is an essential signaling subunit that is shared exclusively by IL-2 and IL-15, and is enriched in the hippocampal formation and related limbic regions. We have previously shown that mice lacking IL-2 exhibit alterations in hippocampal-dependent learning, sensorimotor gating and accompanying reductions in(More)
SUMMARY The rehabilitation of glottic incompetence by injection laryngoplasty is important in the management of thoracic surgery patients with vocal cord paralysis. This group of patients presents special considerations that favor injection under local anesthesia. The objective of this study is to characterize our experience with this minimally invasive(More)
MRL-lpr mice develop systemic lupus-like autoimmune disease associated with changes in emotional reactivity and spatial learning and memory. Although the major immunological deficit in MRL-lpr mice is uncontrolled lymphoproliferation associated with a Fas gene mutation, these mice have a marked deficit in interleukin-2 (IL-2) production which, when treated,(More)
Unraveling the significant complexity of brain-immune interactions could provide essential new insights and potential treatment considerations for the clinical neurosciences. Despite considerable research relating immunological changes to major neuropsychiatric disorders, it has been difficult to establish that immunological processes are involved in the(More)
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