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Advances of nanoscale science have produced nanomaterials with unique physical and chemical properties at commercial levels which are now incorporated into over 1000 products. Nanoscale cerium (di) oxide (CeO(2)) has recently gained a wide range of applications which includes coatings, electronics, biomedical, energy and fuel additives. Many applications of(More)
Our 50 ks Chandra observation of the small radio supernova remnant (SNR) G1.9+0.3 shows a complete shell structure with strong bilateral symmetry, about 100 in diameter. The radio morphology is also shell-like, but about 17% smaller, based on observations made in 1985. We attribute the size difference to expansion between 1985 and our Chandra observations(More)
OBJECTIVE Computer/gaming station use is ubiquitous in the lives of youth today. Overuse is a concern, but it remains unclear whether problems arise from addictive patterns of use or simply excessive time spent on use. The goal of the present study was to evaluate computer/gaming station use in youth and to examine the relationship between amounts of use,(More)
One hundred and four animals aged 13-18 months were measured at monthly or two monthly intervals, as were comparable numbers of animals 19-36 months old. Height, girth and circumference of the cannon bone below the knee were recorded, measurements for colts and fillies are shown separately. The average height at 18 months was 148 cm (15.01/2 h.h.) and at 36(More)
The yeast G(alpha) subunit Gpa2p and its coupled receptor Gpr1p function in a signaling pathway that is required for the transition to pseudohyphal and invasive growth. A two-hybrid screen using a constitutively active allele of GPA2 identified the KRH1 gene as encoding a potential binding partner of Gpa2p. Strains containing deletions of KRH1 and its(More)
OBJECTIVE Computer and gaming-station use has become entrenched in the culture of our youth. Parents of children with psychiatric disorders report concerns about overuse, but research in this area is limited. The goal of this study is to evaluate computer/gaming-station use in adolescents in a psychiatric clinic population and to examine the relationship(More)