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Unpleasant visual symptoms including oscillopsia and dizziness may occur when there is unexpected motion of the visual world across the subject's retina ("retinal slip") as in an acute spontaneous nystagmus or on head movement with an acute ophthalmoplegia. In contrast, subjects with chronic ocular dysmotility, e.g., congenital nystagmus or chronic(More)
Permission is granted to quote short excerpts and to reproduce figures and tables from this report, provided that the source of such material is fully acknowledged. ABSTRACT By combining a number of embedded digital signal processors (DSPs) within a desktop PC, we have developed a system that offers not only the mass storage, network utilities, user(More)
Many daily activities require appropriate allocation of attention between postural and cognitive tasks (i.e. dual-tasking) to be carried out effectively. Processing multiple streams of spatial information is important for everyday tasks such as road crossing. Fifteen community-dwelling healthy older (mean age=78.3, male=1) and twenty younger adults (mean(More)
  • Nandu Goswami, Paavan Gorur, Ulrike Pilsl, Bond Anyaehie, David A. Green, Alexander I. Bondarenko +2 others
  • 2013
As the vascular endothelium has multiple functions, including regulation of vascular tone, it may play a role in the pathophysiology of orthostatic intolerance. We investigated the effect of orthostasis on endothelial function using EndoPAT®, a non-invasive and user-independent method, and across gender. As sex steroid hormones are known to affect(More)
OBJECTIVE To validate the SICK scoring system's ability to differentiate between individuals with higher and lower probabilities of death METHOD We performed a one year two-centre prospective evaluation of all children aged between one month and 12 years referred to the Paediatric team at St Stephens Hospital in Delhi and admitted to the Paediatric(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether 10 breaths against a vibration stimulus elicits increments of spontaneous and maximal inspiratory mouth pressure (maxMP) and tidal mean inspiratory flow (iV(T)/T(I)) upon stimulus removal. METHODS Twelve healthy subjects (8 female, 4 male; 22-50 years old), recruited from the University student body, completed 3 maximal(More)
To investigate whether 30 breaths performed against a high-frequency airway occlusion stimulus modulates ventilatory control both within-phase (within the phase of breathing that the stimulus was presented) and opposite-phase (in the opposite-phase of breathing to that in which the stimulus was presented) of the respiratory cycle. Ten healthy subjects (3(More)